Home of the Archive Master Audiophile LP

M&K MX-90 with grill off

Miller & Kresiel MX-90 Dual 12" subwoofer

KEF 103 Reference Speakers-Bar Audio System.

Carver ALS III Active Crossovers/Upgraded Infinity Perfect 10" subs - Studio Main Speakers

Jolida JD 9 II Upgraded Tube Phono Preamp

Rane Parametric Equalizers and Active Rane Crossover for Carver ALS III

Main work room

The Studio Listening Room - Back of Theater

Bar Listening Station Turntable-Linn Axis with Akito Upgraded Arm. Grace F9 MM Cartridge. Pro-Ject Tube Upgraded Preamp

Carver Modified M1.0t MK II / Carver TFM 45 (2) Biamped Main Speakers-Carver ALS III

VPI Scout 1.1. Main turntable-ClearAudio Talisman Gold V2 MC Cartridge with Jolida JD 9 II Tube Upgraded Preamp

Bar Listening Station-Sony ES from 1991 system

Main Audio Racks in Studio

The Studio Listening Room