The Archive Master Audiophile LP

Archive Masters are simply the best sounding version of this record we have found in 25 years of collecting audiophile grade vinyl. They are the ultimate in analog audio performance. We search through copies of the same record to find the best:

-Fidelity: Frequency response from lowest bass to the highest treble.

-Dynamics: Quietest passages to the loudest passages and how it matches how we hear live sound.

-Staging: Ability to separate instruments and clearly hear every detail of the music.

-Depth: 3 dimensional aspect to the music when played through a high-end 2 channel audio system.

-Quiet Background: Ability to play with no music or soft passages and NOT HEAR clicks, pops, etc.

It will excel in all of the above categories. It should be the best version of this record you have heard. We have thousands of records in our collection to go through to find these Archive Masters. Once you buy one, you will realize how much MUSIC there is in those grooves. They all go through an 8-Step ULTRASONIC/STEAM cleaning process. They will be collector's items for years to come and each one comes with the ability to get professionally cleaned by Cleveland Vinyl anytime you wish! Just send it to us and we'll clean it and send it back for free! Each comes with it's own certificate explaining details and when it was cleaned. These, like all our records come with a 14-day return policy. No questions asked. Just return it for a refund if you aren't happy with it!

Usually they are 1st pressings, but sometimes they are re-issues or re-masters. I compare them all in the studio which consists of:

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Rare Vinyl Records

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti Archive Master LP (Japan 1st Press)

-VPI Scout 1.1 Turntable with ClearAudio Talisman Gold V2 MC Cartridge

-Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with Accuphase MC Cartridge/Musical Fidelity Preamp

-Linn Axis Turntable with upgraded Arm /Grace F9 MM Cartridge/Pro ject Tube Preamp

-Denon Audiophile AH-D600 Headphones

-Jolida JD-9 Upgraded Tube Phono Stage

-Pioneer Elite VSX-53 Preamp/Controller

-Carver TFM-45 Amplifier (2), Upgraded Carver M1.0t

-Carver ALS III Active Crossover Main Speakers