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We sell audiophile quality records, framed posters, and audio information. We specialize in 1st pressing classic rock records from the 60's and 70's. We ultrasonically clean each record using our own process that removes all dirt, grime, and smoke. This greatly increases sound quality and reduces background noise. We can also clean your record collection for you.

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Welcome to Cleveland Vinyl:

Thank You for visiting our site. We sell ultrasonically cleaned audiophile-grade vinyl records and framed posters. I specialize in first pressings from the classic rock genre. We have been in business since 2007 and are one of the largest online audiophile record stores in the United States. I personally listen to many pressings of the same record to find my "Archive Masters." These are pressings that are guaranteed to delight your ears with a clean, crisp sound that is on par with the original Master Tape.
I am a firm believer in the theory that the original pressings tend to sound better than new "re-masters" or "re-issues." Many of these tend to be sourced from digital recordings that are compressed and "digitized." That tends to remove the depth, focus, and presence of the analog sound that all audiophiles crave. Almost all of my Archive Masters are sourced from analog recordings.

I have been cleaning records for over 15 years and feel that I have found the best method available. I use an ultrasonic machine along with steam cleaning and a VPI vacuum machine to remove all smoke, oils, dirt, and dust from any pressing. The result is crystal clear sound with almost no background noise and strong dynamics and fidelity.
I have thousands of records under $20, you don't need to spend a fortune at Cleveland Vinyl to hear great sound!

I ALSO BUY RECORD COLLECTIONS! Email me with pictures and a brief description of condition and genres. I am always looking for classic and modern rock, jazz and popular music. I much prefer the records themselves to be in good shape , I care less about the sleeves or covers. 

Please check out my new YouTube channel with lots of information about vinyl records, record cleaning and audio systems: 

             Cleveland Vinyl World You Tube Channel
Send me an email anytime with any questions or comments. You can see on my other pages on the web site, some of my equipment, and methods. Please also visit my eBay store to see what's currently in stock. THANK YOU for your business!
Greg Marquard
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